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Beyond Left Field with Norm: Nick Vander Tuig

For the first time in UCLA history, the baseball team ended the season as the champions of college baseball. Norm, from the 9 Inning Crew, was able to catch up with Nick Vander Tuig from the UCLA team and asked him some questions about his thoughts on the College World Series and more.

Thanks for taking the time with us. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Well I am from a small town (its growing) called Oakdale and it is the cowboy capital of the world. I was home schooled till I was in 6th grade. I hated sports until I was 8 years old. did you choose UCLA?

Well I wanted to stay in California but I also wanted to be far enough away from home so La seemed like the perfect spot. Also, I am obsessed with the beach. Narrowing it down to Southern California, Coach Savage is a guy who knows how to recruit and is very professional. I remember right when I walked on campus I would end up attending UCLA. Everything about it seemed right and I remember thinking to myself why is this not a National Championship program because Coach Savage seemed to be an outstanding coach. It was the rebuilding face for them and I was right.

UCLA has a storied baseball program, but, this is their first NCAA baseball championship. What was the run through the regionals, supers, and finally the CWS like? Some same it was a historic run.

I agree that it was historic but some think it’s even more historic with the players we did it with. I disagree when people say that because this team had a fight and such a mentality that we knew we were going to win. Baseball is a game of failure and this team knew how to compensate and adjust. We played the game right and people can hate us for not sitting back and banging but we respected the game and played it the right way. We are a bunch of scrappy ball players and we DO have a lot of talent.

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Raphael Gellar

July 9th, 2013

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